Supportive architecture

Architecture that Supports

We are affected by our physical surroundings. And then there are situations where these surroundings have decisive importance.


The Concept

Our concept is about humans

With curiosity and innovation, we challenge traditional approaches, break free from rigid thinking and show new alternatives. We believe it is time for flexible and scaleable solutions that build on knowledge about stress-reducing and supportive architecture, experiences drawn from well-fare constructions and insights into practical and producible modular construction, with aesthetics as an imperative part of it all. We call it Njordrum Care.


We Wish to Change the Conditions and Set New Standards for Living Spaces for People.

When buildings are cast and built in concrete, it is from the expectation that the building probably will stay contemporary and that the needs will not change for the next several years.

Reality often turns out to be something different. The needs of the future, including our physical surroundings, are unpredictable.

The Njordrum Care concept springs from an ambition to construct buildings that are scalable, flexible and sustainable, besides meeting the expectations set for more traditional construction.

The Modules

Using base modules, we give way to entirely new opportunities. The modules are designed to be flexible. They can be versioned and combined in great variety for big and small projects, making sure the physical surroundings dynamically match the need and development.

Everything is made of wood, nature’s building material that organically captures and binds CO2 contributing positively to the environmental balance. The front is made from heat-treated pine and can last for more than 30 years without the need for chemicals.

The construction quality is equal to traditional construction, even greater, at times, due to the construction demands of a moveable module.

Learn more about our modules.


We Deliver Holistic Solutions That Are Economically Sustainable

Physical surroundings that can be scaled to fit the user's needs remove the risk and need of expensive remodelling, temporary pavilions and tearing down old buildings to make room for new ones.

Besides being good for the environment, it holds a great financial advantage by having the right capacity in the right place at the right price point and whenever needed.

Considering your construction and operations budget, Njordrum Care will positively affect your bottom line.

Njordrum Care Is Built on a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Experience

The secret to Njordrum Care’s success lies in our cross-disciplinary approach. The team behind Njordrum Care consists of a unique set of skills within the social area, architecture, design, project development and finance, bringing rich knowledge and vast experience to the table. We are also ready to develop your building projects further.

All modules are produced in Denmark by distinguished companies specialising in modular construction. Deliverability, quality and price are always in harmony.


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Njordrum Care

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