Reduction Roadmap

Reduction Roadmap

There is a gap between legislation and climate science in Danish construction. It requires political action. Right now, the Building Regulations for 2025 are being negotiated. The industry leaders behind the Reduction Roadmap have been invited to the Danish Parliament's Housing Committee. That's why companies and organizations now have a unique opportunity to let industry voices be heard before emissions requirements are determined.

Both the Reduction Roadmap 1.0 and the Reduction Roadmap 2.0 indicate that new construction should emit less than 5.8 kg CO₂ eq. /m²/year by 2025 to comply with the Paris Agreement. Today, the political emissions requirement reads at 12. The construction industry is already well below 12. An average building emits 9.5 kg CO₂-eq. /m²/year — and there are numerous examples of constructions under 5.8.

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