About us

Njordrum Care was developed with the ambition to use architecture and design offensively, uncompromisingly, and with great care in buildings where architecture and design can have a particularly decisive significance.

We aim to create unique, high-quality architecture based on modular, rationally producible designs, with a focus on the overall spatial experience, light, sound, colors, and materials, rather than merely the number of square meters. We aspire to create buildings—institutions, residences, homes, workplaces—where outdoor and indoor spaces are on equal footing, closely connected to inspire one another and thereby increase the use of both indoor and outdoor areas for living and activity. These are the core principles behind our modular concept.


We continually strive to make the most responsible choices and thereby offer long-lasting, sustainable solutions.

In addition to using wood, which is a sustainable and renewable resource, our modules are placed on point foundations. This solution requires far fewer resources than a solid concrete foundation. Additionally, this method means the home is mobile.

The modules are designed, developed, and constructed with the same high quality as permanent, high-quality buildings, but with the built-in flexibility to be moved. This allows us to handle future changes in needs regarding, for example, capacity or usage.


We have developed our product by combining the best of both worlds: meticulously crafted, prefabricated modular construction in wood, paired with high-quality architecture and design. Our modules are designed with great built-in flexibility, easily accommodating a wide range of individual layout needs. This makes our process quick, precise, rational, and competitive in terms of both timeline and cost.

Why Modular?

Our concept leverages the inherent advantages of building with wood, constructing indoors, and delivering nearly complete modules to the construction site within a short timeframe.

Inquiry and Clarification

In close dialogue with the client, we clarify the project's foundation and the specific requirements for the construction, including needs, timeline, and budget. If desired, we can also conduct an analysis and prepare a report for any existing buildings prior to commencing work on the upcoming project.

Sketching and Concretization

A concrete sketch proposal is developed based on the initial dialogue and the available foundation. The project is reviewed, any necessary changes are made, and then it forms the basis for pricing, offers, and contracts with the contractor.

Commencement of Production

The majority of the work is carried out in indoor production facilities, ensuring a rational, safe, dry, and process-optimized working environment. Quality is continuously documented, and visits to the production can be arranged as needed.

Commencement of Construction on Site

At the appropriate time, work begins on preparing the building site, allowing for the delivery, assembly, and final completion of the prefabricated modules to proceed according to the schedule.

Completion and Handover

Since the majority of the construction takes place under the roof of the contractor's facility, on-site work is limited compared to traditional construction processes. Therefore, the building can typically be completed and ready for use after a short period of delivery, assembly, and finalization.

Our team

Steffen Toft
Steffen Toft

As a dedicated contractor and project developer, Steffen works with the development and concrete realization of Njordrum's projects and business development with external partners.

Martin Wienberg
Martin Wienberg

Martin is responsible for Njordrum's overall architecture and for translating the client's dreams into architectural vision and reality in context.

Lars Vejen
Lars Vejen

Design manager at Njordrum, responsible for, among other things, idea development, design and development of Njordrum's own furniture, products and building components.

Lars Aarup
Lars Aarup
Project Development & Sales
+45 29 42 05 45aarup@njordrumcare.com

With years of experience in the management, development and operation of the social sciences field, Lars has a strong foundation for working with the development of projects for both public and private builders.

Martin Kjaer
Martin Kjaer
Project Manager, Building Designer
+45 42 40 37 27mk@njordrum.com

Martin is responsible for translating building concepts and project ideas into concrete project material prior to and alongside external partners and builders.

Mette Wienberg
Mette Wienberg
Professional Consultant, Architect MAA
+45 40 22 89 20mette@njordrumcare.com

Mette is a trained Architect with a focus on architecture for particularly vulnerable groups and with special experience in construction for the autism area.

Naoyuki Miyata
Naoyuki Miyata
Project Development & Sales, Njordrum Japan
+080 4343 8712nao@njordrumcare.com

Nao is passionate about designing, for example, assistive devices for people with special needs as well as project development of Njordrum Cares projects in Japan.


From the outset, our concept has been to offer holistic design as an integrated part of our houses. This means not only delivering a house as a raw shell but as a thoroughly crafted piece of architecture composed of products that—like the house itself—are also designed by the design team behind Njordrum Care. In the development of the many different elements used in the construction of a home—facade profiles, door handles, lamps, kitchens, duvets, pillows, furniture, and decorative arts—we collaborate with a range of Danish and international manufacturers to develop and launch the products together.



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